Europe Flag of Honour

Flag of Honour

Flag of Honour

Award of the Council of Europe Flag of Honour to Bracknell Town

A few words

Madam Mayor, honoured guests, ladies and gentlemen; on behalf of Boehringer- Ingelheim I am delighted to welcome you here today to our United Kingdom Headquarters. The award of the Council of Europe, Flag of Honour is a particularly proud moment for the people and businesses of Bracknell Town signifying as it does the success of Bracknell’s twinning arrangements and the European ideal. As a global pharmaceutical company with its parent based in Germany we are particularly pleased to be able to help you celebrate this award signifying as it does the success of Bracknell’s partnership with its twin town of Leverkusen, the home of Bayer, another German company working in a similar area to ourselves.

The European Flag is symobolic of the expression of good will of a growing number of European states and peoples to work together to build peace and prosperity. As a representative of that diverse European community Boehringer’s is honoured to have the opportunity to support your day of celebration following this prestigious award.