Bracknell – A New Era

A new era in Bracknell’s history began on 7th September 2017 with the official opening of the new Lexicon Centre. Visitors from Bracknell’s twin city, Leverkusen, in North Rhein – Westphalia will recognise some of the images in our photo-shoot from memories of their visit in June this year.

Children from primary schools throughout Bracknell Forest took part in the opening celebrations.

Mary Temperton

The Mayor of Bracknell Forest opened the Lexicon – Bracknell Town centre’s new shopping area 07/09/17
Mary Temperton, Chair of twinning, is here celebrating too.

Regular Bracknell visitors to Leverkusen will recall the renewal process and eventual opening of their € 207.4 Million “Rathaus-Galerie” complex in 2010.

More than 150 local children, from primary and junior schools across the borough counted down to Bracknell’s historic event, which was marked with a fanfare of green, gold and silver streamers and leaf shaped confetti, cascading across the new town centre’s walkways and squares – writes Mary Temperton.

Our June visitors from Leverkusen will recognise some of the sites.
The whole theme is ‘Green Bracknell’ and the designs in brass have been commissioned from a Bracknell artist and are set into the pavement.

There is a good variety of shops from those that sell expensive goods to those providing families with lower economies.

The shopping area is superb- open at each end, like an old fashioned street but without cars.

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